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I want to THANK YOU so much for the cookies!  They arrived on the day they were supposed too, all fortunes were as requested, and they taste wonderful! 
- Kathy M

The cookies arrived right on time and are perfect for our event. Thank you so much for all your great product, wonderful service and very affordable prices.
- Steve K

 I GREATLY appreciate both the service and the speed in which I received my product.  I am very happy with both the product and the service and will definately recommend your company to my friends and family.
- Selena T

I just wanted to let you know we think our cookies are great and are very happy with how things turned out.  :)
- Connie S

You guys are awesome.  Great pricing and customer service
- Amy F

The cookies arrived today, and I am very pleased. From now on, you will be my fortune cookie company.
- Roxann

Just wanted to thank you for getting the cookies to us so quickly.  They turned out beautifully and are delicious! ;)
- Tina H

the cookies were amazing!!!!!!
- Annika

Got the cookies this week – the messages are perfectly printed with the correct formatting and the cookies are delicious!    Thanks for the speedy order and great cookies!
- Bethany M

Hi, just wanted you to know that the fortune cookies arrived today, and they are perfect! The fortunes look great, exactly what I ordered, and the cookies are delicious! Thank you so much!

 WOW! Thank you for such great customer service and a good tasting cookie. I will recommend you to all my friends and family.
- Luane

I received the cookies.... They came out amazing!!!  Thank you.
- Carmel O

I just wanted to say thank you. I emailed you because I was nervous about whether they would arrive in time for my daughter's birthday, completely forgetting that I requested they arrive on the 18th.....and they did!  They are absolutely wonderful, and the price is great!
- Monica O

Just wanted to let you know the cookies were perfect for our events. Your company is absolutely super to deal with - one of the best internet-based businesses I have ever dealt with. Thanks again.
- Connie K

Wow, the cookies are amazing. The shipping was unbelievable. It took three days for my order to come in and get them. I WILL be coming back. Thank you very much.
- Mike B
Just want to say thank you for such great service.  I ordered custom cookies on a Tuesday, and they arrived in my hands in NJ on Friday, just as promised.  Not only do you have exceptional customer service, you also have the best tasting fortune cookies I have ever had.  And everyone who had one, agrees with me.  So once again, thank you, and I will definitely use your service again. 

Got the cookies today. LOVE THEM!!! Thanks.
- Yvonne

Thank you! the order came today! Your company is fantastic! Great doing business with you!
- Kevin F

Received the package yesterday. The cookies are great, very fresh. They will be a wonderful addition to our wedding. Thank you for everything again.
- Cora E
The cookies arrived yesterday and I cannot thank you enough!  They are going top be a hit... and they taste great! (I had to "sample" one!)
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
- Katie


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